Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New wallflower: Lily


We found this freckle faced teen during our weekly open calls (every Wed 2-4pm). The 16-year-old Hockaday sophomore used to play softball, is an athletic trainer at her school, takes Chinese and Russian and loves fashion!

Why do you want to be a model?
I've always wanted to be a model because I always had a different body and I love fashion so much. I love looking at all the magazines, clothes, shopping. Ive always known I wanted to work in the fashion industry. (LUCKILY, Lily is 5 ft. 10 1/2)

What's on your radar?
I love reading Teen Vogue for fashion ideas. I also love shopping at Urban Outfitters. The clothes are very me - relaxed, kind of beaten down, not too frilly or feminine.

How did you find out about Wallflower?
My mom read about it in the Dallas Morning News and I looked at the website and realized, "This is me! I am a 'wallflower'". So we went to the open call and I got signed a few days later. Wallflower Management is for unique girls and I've always been a little different. I'm not a wallflower in the sense that I am quiet or reserved... I just don't look like everyone else.

Favorite model?
I really like Karlie Kloss because she's so young and she has an amazing look. I like Coco Rocha and Lily Cole, because she's another red head.

Dream job?
The ultimate would be opening a show for Marc Jacobs or Chanel.

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