Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Wallflower Interview: Heather

Have you always wanted to model?
I've always loved fashion, and I've always been sort of fascinated by modeling but I didn't really know that much about it. People had been coming up to me the last couple of years and tell me I should do it and I finally convinced my mom to let me give it a shot!

So you dance?
Well I've been dancing since I was six. Now I dance at a school in New York and I live in the dorms there with around 60 other kids. We have about two classes a day, except just one on Saturdays. All the classes are ballet. This will be my third year dancing in New York City in the fall!

How tough is balancing school, dancing and modeling?
I'm 17, and I do online school. It's nice because it's really flexible. In the future I either want to keep dancing or model!

Favorite model? Bands?
A couple of my favorite models are Coco Rocha and Karlie Kloss because I think it's cool that they're both dancers! I really like Ali Michael too, and she's from Dallas! Oh and Julia Stegner and Ali Stephens. I have a lot of favorites! As far as music goes I really like Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Vampire Weekend, and Ash.

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