Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wallflower Stylist, Uel White one to watch in 2013

THE ARRANGER  Uel White — Uel White is the sort of person who makes you stop and wonder about what he’s wearing. One look at the 29-year-old and you know there was intention behind his chosen garb of the day. “I dress in eras,” he says. “Every season, I pick a decade.” (Dressed in a mix of plaids layered on top of camo on the day we met for an interview, he was definitely having a ’90s moment.) After years of taking mental notes at jobs with Gap and Urban Outfitters, the Fort Worth–born fashion stylist has finally found a place to put his unique sartorial strategy to good use: creative director for a new Dallas-based menswear magazine, The Style Manual. With content ranging from fashion trends to music to art, the bimonthly publication offers some serious schooling in upping one’s style. Even its web address is a lesson: “My job,” White says, “is to be there first, to show people something they’ve never seen before.” —Bradley Agather

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